Introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.


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Alamance County Young Life

at a Glance


Young Life begins in Alamance Co.

A group of committed individuals got together in the fall of 1998 to ask the community to fundraise for the first full time Staff Associate in the area.


College students and adult volunteers serve as leaders and committee in our local area.

8 Ministries

We currently serve 5 high schools through Young Life and YoungLives ministries. We serve 2 middle schools through WyldLife. Our Young Life College leaders reach Elon University and ACC.


Kids involved weekly and known by name in our area.

Our Staff

Michael Vicary
Area Director

Michael serves as Area Director and leads students at Williams High School.


Rose Reese
Staff Associate

Rose leads students at Southern Alamance High School and Elon University.


Anna-Stewart Faircloth
Staff Associate

Anna-Stewart oversees our WyldLife ministry to middle school students.

Meredith Juengel
YoungLives​ Coordinator

Meredith oversees our YoungLives ministry to teen moms in Alamance County, creating spaces of belonging for them and their children.


Lauryn Martinez
Area Administrator


JP & Erin Ruppe
Andrew & Caroline Bost
Meredith & Chris Juengel
Chris & Angela Morrison
Kanhka & Olivia Linthavong
Randy & Charlene Barrett
Robbie & Kristie Ferrell
Bryson & Melissa Goss

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